How to stitch Starfish | Fishbone Stitch & French Knot Stitch | Hand Embroidery Tutorial

Hi Everyone, Today I’m gonna show you guys this cute Starfish stitch by Fishbone Stitch & French Knot Stitch.
Usually I saw fishbone stitch mostly for leafs,so today I’m going to sharing how to used fishbone stitch to stitch starfish.
It turn out nice texture in my little mermaid themes, I’m so in love with it.
Ok, here is my method to stitch this Fishbone Stitch & French Knot Stitch

1. I want to embroidery fishbone stitch as starfish’s tentacles.
2. First, tie a knot come from the back to front on the edges of starfish’s tentacles.
3. And go down by putting the 2nd stitch by next and middle of it.
4. Same to another sides, just repeats the stitches till it done and move to the next one with same technique.
5. The center of starfish I design it with same color and stitch with french knot. Though It would look nice too with light/dark color.

* If you are fine with all fishbone stitch for starfish, It would be looks great too.

Enjoy the tutorial~

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Thanks for watching.


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