Fishbone Stitch for Leaf 鱼骨针法绣叶子

Fishbone Stitch for Leaf 鱼骨针法绣叶子 - Shashira Handmaker | Embroidery Tutorial | 刺绣教程

Hi Everyone, today i’m sharing the method how to sew a leaf with fishbone stitch.
Just a 2 minutes video with simple 3 steps:

1. Use pen/pencil to draw the leaves guide line.
2. Follow blue guide line to sew a leaf pattern
3. Tie double knot to complete the leaf.

tip: The leaves will look more attractive by using different color of green to sew it.

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Thanks for watching.


1. 用钢笔/铅笔先画出叶子的参考线
2. 跟着蓝色的参考线绣出叶子的纹路
3. 在针头绕两圈完成一个结

提示: 用两种不同的青色搭配秀出来的叶子会比较生动



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