Cotton Flowers | Billion Knot – Hand Embroidery Simple & Easy Tutorial

Hi Everyone,
Christmas is around the corner, you might want to do something art work that got Christmas feel. Today I want to share with you how to use billion knot to make cotton flowers. Normally, people used billion knot to embroidery rose.

* I used white yarn, because it looks fluffy like cotton flowers.

1) Brought up the thread from back to front of fabric.
2) Put half of the needle to back of fabric and pull it half back on the surface.
3) Take thread that is coming out of the fabric and wrap it 10~12 times with stick to make it looks more fluffy like cotton flowers.
4) Hold tight your thread and pull all the way through the thread until those wraps be on your fabric.
5) Then you can put the thread to fabric and tight a knot to end a cotton flower.

This composition also use embroidery method :
1. Back Stitch

2. Woven Spider Web

3. Perfect Font

Enjoy the tutorial~

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